“I have a dream…”

“To Create a World Full of Miracles”

I have a dream,

to create a world full of miracles.  More miracles.  The miracle – of us, being miracles.

It’s not always easy to see, to view life in all it’s beauty, all it’s wonder, and see the joy in life that is steadily present in every moment, every place, and every person.  This may not make sense to some, and to others, it goes without saying.  Either way – it’s okay.  None are wiser or better off in life in soul’s serendipity than any other.  For in any moment, the genius could get deathly ill, the ambitiously healthy could get hit my lightning, and the self-destructive may just unwittingly find immunity, to what could have killed them otherwise.

Random chance and synchronicity dance wonderously around us, and for all of our “graspingness” for control – we lose harmony with our simplest nature – to be HUMAN.

To be “Human” in all it’s glory, is a thing lost to the modern man.  Values such as “being humane“, or to have such compassionate acts blossoming from your own hands, to be viewed considerably “humanitarian” in nature, as witnessable easily to all whom could be blessed in the experience of such moments.  A “Humane-Humanity” is a simplicity in essence, to us all, in that it is within us all naturally to the core of our being.

Why is it lost?

In our world full of thick-illusions, denials built into our psyche down to the bone, and super-imposed value structures in our social ideologies and subconscious shames and mirrored-outward blames, to be “lost” isn’t even a thing the average citizen can comprehend the emotion of on the superficial-egoic level.  It is specifically because we have been taught to run our lives from that superficial-egoic level, that we have numbed ourselves to the awareness and wisdom of the human heart.  It is precisely from there, that we overlook our one true compass of moral and virtue.

A compass that points true unequivocally, and unsparingly within any a human being.

It is through HUMANITARIAN ACTS, and HUMANE VIRTUES, that we as a human race and species, shall redeem our true natures back from a vast acre of humility.  With each practice of forgiveness, each admission of love despite faux-value-applied expectations, and each lesson learned towards gratitude, we shine the light of HUMANITY.  Through these unfoldings – I not only hope and nurture a faith towards meeting a beautifully peaceful Earth upon tomorrow – I WILL IT TO BE.

This, is my fruit 

This is my Orchard…  and here is my tree

Shelter in it’s shade

Nurture on it’s vitality…

‘Though most of all – watch carefully these seeds in my hand

You can feed off what’s yours for a day,

or share immortality with all

through our deeds.

#mydreamshare   #dreamshare   #kapuhuna

-Shaun Thomas Villafana,

creator of Kapuhuna™

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